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Crescent Drape Cover Sani-bolster 6" round Sani-Bolster 8" Round
Crescent Drape CoverSani-bolster 6" roundSani-Bolster 8" Round

Crescent Drape face cradle cover available in packs of 3 only. Economy, reusable drape cradle cover. Perfect for chair massage.

Standard sani-bolster cover 6" round by 28" long with elastic fitted closure. Made from 100% Polyester.

Large sani-bolster cover 8" round by 28" long with elastic fitted closure. Made from 100% Polyester.




Sani-Crescent Sani-Set Sani-sheet

Fitted crescent cradle cover made from 100% Polyester impervious material.

The sani-set comes with one sani-sheet and one sani-crescent in matching colors.

Massage table protective sheet. A medical grade, impervious polyester fabric which is engineered to repel and resist absorption of fluids creating an impenatrable barrier. Easily wipe fluids off and sanitize, or machine wash and dry. The...




Happy Face Cradle Cover Standard Fleece face cradle cover 8" Full round bolster
Happy Face Cradle CoverStandard Fleece face cradle cover8" Full round bolster

Happy Face Cradle cover.

This soft, durable, medium weight fleece pad is constructed of 1/2" thick, 27oz. poly fleece. 
The snug fitting skirt is made of Domestic flannel in ivory.
Fully washable

8" Full round bolster cushion.




Canvas/Mesh Tote Bag Double Holster Belt Single Holster Belt
Canvas/Mesh Tote BagDouble Holster BeltSingle Holster Belt

Heavy duty mesh laundry bag with handles. Colors combinations will vary.

Deluxe double pocket lotion/oil bottle holster.

Deluxe single pocket lotion/oil bottle holster.